they're polished

after i read on someone's blog that i don't regularly update my blog i decided to prove the contrary and share some pics of what's currently in da works. (hope you like it)last week i started polishing my set of fuchs i purchased a couple of weeks ago.they are all 4 15*6 and the inserts will be painted matt black like they did in the factory. I hope i can get them painted next week and get some tires wrapped around. Tires will be the same as i have on the steelies 145 and 195/70, hope this gives me the stance i would like to have. let me know what cha think of them.IMG_5170IMG_5246

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Mooi. Mooie velgen hoor.
Of moet dit in het Engels?
Fucking cool wheels!

Gepost door: Jan-Peter | 19-03-08

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