Bought myself something new to play with.

Last weekend i bought this 1968 vw beetle. It features a 1500cc 44hp engine, long gearbox, disc brakes, nice seats and headliner, he only has 41000km's on the counter. It has been standing in a barn for about 15 years. He has been in traffic untill 1984. There is a possibility that i will sell this beetle( complete or in parts) to invest in my other bug(59).People that are interested in some parts can always drop me a mail. You won't find then any better than this one. Never welded, fully original, comes with papers,....The only welding that has to happen are the rear bumper mounts that have a couple of miniature holes in them.IMG_3343IMG_3344IMG_3354IMG_3356IMG_3362

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Hallo donder

hoeveel wil je voor de complete auto?

contacteer me op wim.devincke@pandora.be

Gepost door: Wim | 07-01-07

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